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Cervélo Frameset S5 54cm Black/Fuoro

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Professional machine without any compromises!

The new S5 perfects aerodynamic performance advantage with no compromise in weight — no small challenge given the high standards of the previous-generation S5. Cervélo also succeeded in significantly increasing torsional stiffness, a key factor in handling, to permit a more aggressive riding position. Their emphasis on systems engineering and structural efficiency maximizes stiffness while minimizing weight, and Cervélo have worked to perfect new manufacturing techniques to achieve tighter tolerances and improved compaction. 

AERODYNAMICS - Out-of-the-box speed means that all facets of the bike — components included — maximize aero advantage. Cervélo's Dropped Downtube and Shielding Seatstays are designed to minimize aero drag at precise locations on the frame using a systems approach. Cervélo’s new All-Carbon Aero Handlebar saves 4.4 Watts over a standard round bar, and is compatible with standard 31.8 mm stems. 
STIFFNESS - The new S5 offers a 6% increase in bottom bracket stiffness, giving you a high degree of connection to the road and a feel of efficiency with each pedal stroke. A 35% increase in headtube torsional stiffness and 17% increase in lateral fork stiffness offer increased confidence in cornering and overall handling. 

WEIGHT - You’ve probably never relished the climbs on an aero bike before. An aero bike that also offers category-leading lightweight performance is rare, but the S5 delivers. Cervélo lightweight engineering refuses to compromise the airfoil shapes that give the S Series its distinctive design — and more distinctive performance — all without adding unnecessary weight. 

  • BBright - Cervelo developed BBright to take advantage of the fact that oversized frame tubes are stiffer and lighter. On the right side, frame tubes are already as wide as possible; any wider and they’d hit the chainrings. But on the left side there are no chainrings, so BBright makes use of this extra space by extending the BB shell by 11 millimetres, nearly doubling the width of the left chainstay. At the same time, the drive-side dimensions of

  • Built For Bottles - Cervélo models that are Shaped for Bottles have an airfoil downtube that’s flattened on the trailing edge in front of the bottle, resulting in a faster overall system.

  • Dropped Down Tube - Improving aerodynamics requires an engineering approach that accounts for the entire system: Bike, rider and wheels. The Dropped Downtube places the leading edge of the tube closer to the trailing edge of the front tire, partly hiding it in the wake of the wheel.

  • Extended Seat Tube Cutout - Cervélo pioneered the Extended Seat-Tube Cutout, and they do it better than anyone. In order for it to be effective, the tire must fit closely to the frame and the seat-tube cross-section must have the right shape to help air flow smoothly across the seat-tube and around the wheel.

  • Future-Proof Cable Management - It achieves compatibility across mechanical, electronic and hydraulic brake and derailleur systems. Future-Proof frames include interchangeable cable stops that snap into place and are easily swapped out by hand to accommodate upgrades. You can buy with confidence, knowing your bike is easily upgradable and can be enjoyed with the latest technology for years to.

  • Carbon Dropouts - Seatstays and chainstays are bonded into hollow dropouts, instead of the other way around. Bonding these precision-moulded surfaces reduces weight, and gives the internal rear derailleur cable a straight shot through the chainstay and dropout, eliminating bends and cable friction.

  • Evolved Steerer Design - A larger steerer diameter adds torsional stiffness with no weight penalty. A smaller steerer diameter is more compliant and can also be used to reduce headtube frontal area, and in turn, aerodynamic drag. How do we select which size to use? By defining performance goals — weight savings, aerodynamics, stiffness, ride quality and usability — at the start of the frame design process, Cervélo engineers choose the best steerer.

  • Shielding Seat Stays - Properly formed seat-stays improve airflow over callipers without complicating access and service.

  • Reduced-Friction BB Guide - The Reduced-Friction BB Guide maintains a consistent curve for each cable path by avoiding bends or kinks.

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Cervélo Frameset S5 54cm Black/Fuoro

Cervélo Frameset S5 54cm Black/Fuoro

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