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Elite Sensor Misuro+ Bluetooth En Ant+

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Bluetooth En Ant+

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The type of data available varies based on the type of hometrainer:

  • The sensor transmits speed and power data when used with Turbo Muin (serial nr 10000 to 30000), Turbo Muin thru-axle (serial nr A10001 to A30000) / Real Turbo Muin (serial nr 10000 to 30000).

  • The sensor transmits speed, power and cadence data when used with Turbo MuinTurbo Muin Smart B+ (serial nr from 30001) / Turbo Muin thru-axle (serial nr from A30001)  / Real Turbo Muin B+ (Serial nr from 13001) / Volano / Turbo Roteo.

  • On hometrainers that do not change resistance level: the sensor reads speed, power and cadence data

  • On hometrainers with multiple resistance levels, the sensor reads speed and cadence data

Note: ELITE My E-Training app reads power data for all ELITE hometrainers 

  • Devices must be compatible with the “ANT+ speed & cadence”  protocol for speed and / or cadence data to be read by an ANT+ cycle computers or GPS navigation units.

  • To read power data the cycle computer / GPS navigation device must be compatible with the “ANT+ power” protocol.

  • A list of devices compatible with one or more of these protocols is available at the ANT+ website.

  • In order to read speed and/or cadence data with a Bluetooth Smart Ready GPS device / cycle computer, the device must be compatible with the “Speed & Cadence” profile for the Bluetooth Smart protocol. In order to display power data, the Bluetooth Smart Ready cycle computer / GPS device must be compatible with the “ANT+ Power” profile for the Bluetooth Smart protocol.

The Misuro B+ is best when paired with the ELITE My E-Training App, which was developed for smartphones and tablets, but it can also be used with other apps compatible with Bluetooth Smart and/or ANT+ protocol. Moreover, there are many current-generation cycle computers /  App / GPS navigation devices compatible with the ANT+ protocol that can read Misuro B+ data without using a specific app.




Profile / Service


Bluetooth Smart Ready

Cycling Speed and Cadence



Combine Bike Speed & Cadence



Bicycle Power


  • The sensor is mounted directly to your Elite hometrainer, making installation and removal of the bicycle easier.

  • No additional components needed.

  • Low energy consumption, long battery life

* Compatible with all iOS and Android smartphones, cycle computers and GPS devices with ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart Ready technology. 

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Elite Sensor Misuro+ Bluetooth En Ant+

Elite Sensor Misuro+ Bluetooth En Ant+

Bluetooth En Ant+

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